New Release! The Second Symbol #yalit #kindle


To master an ancient magic, Taren must pass through a trial of fire and blood.

Two years after recovering an ancient symbol, Taren is no closer to unlocking its secrets. The artifact has wreaked havoc on his magical abilities and filled his mind with terrible visions of fire and death. All he desires is to make peace with it—to live in harmony with the magic that has chosen him as its host.

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Now Available! The Airship Race

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00043]

For the first time ever, the city of Ticswyk is hosting its very own airship race. The winner will receive a prize that any tinker would covet—the chance to have his or her airship mass-produced. Lionel is determined to win, spending night and day preparing the finest engine ever built. But his old nemesis, Jamison Morcroft, is skulking about, trying to steal the Master Tinker’s design.

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